The Luminance Project

Jelly Registration Form Below

JellySpawns will become available on on May 8th, 2021 at 4PM EST.

JellySpawns will be available at the fair price of .025ETH Each. This is a price we feel is great for anyone to join!

If you purchase two JellySpawn’s and register them together they will be placed as twins! Adding to the rarity!

The Luminance Project is a collection of 24 Fluorescent JellyFamily’s. There shall be 100 JellySpawns to be available before they get randomly assigned a JellyFamily. A JellySpawn is a blank white Jelly that is your ticket into getting into a JellyFamily! Owning one of the JellySpawns grants you one transformed Jelly on JellyDay. The rarest JellyFamily’s will only have one Spawn! Will it be you??

After purchasing a JellySpawn you will need to come here and register it with its unique name that will be assigned to your Jelly! Then our JellyTechknowledge will randomly assign your Jelly to a JellyFamily. On May 24th (JellyDay), all the Fluorescent Jelly’s will be released into the wallets of the JellySpawn holders! Grab a JellySpawn and see what JellyFamily you are a part of!

Remember JellyFamily Assignments are completely random so everyone has a fair chance! Click on the JellyFamily’s button to view information of rarity of each JellyFamily.

Jelly Registration

You can only register your Jelly once you have purchased a JellySpawn. Please enter your desired Jelly Name along with the ETH address you used to buy the JellySpawn so we can verify! This step doesn’t cost anything!

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